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No partner needed, no prerequisites, no dress code, no OSU affiliation required, need not be an OSU student, all interested in Argentine Tango are welcome, two left feet ok. New people are always welcome. Argentine Tango only. No other forms of "Tango".


Argentine Tango in Columbus, Ohio (ATCO)

Offering since 2004 genuine Argentine Tango instruction and practice @ OSU, as danced in Milongas everywhere. Our AT is the contact, the abrazo, one body with four legs, and we need three for AT: the lead, the follower, and the music.

ATCO student organization meets in AUTUMN 2014 all SATURDAYS at 8pm for a lesson until 9pm, followed by a Practilonga, at the Ohio Union Dance Room 2.
Prices: Undergrads $5, Grads $7, Others $10 per night; $15/$20/$30 a month; $30/$40/$60 a semester, paid in advance.

Last opportunity to join OSU Dance Department course: 9/2 & 9/4:
Community members wishing to join the class, who are not able/willing to enroll in course credit through the university, can attend class with a suggested donation of $10 per class by check to the OSU Department of Dance.

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ATCO: Argentine Tango in Columbus, Ohio, and AsianTango

Founding instructor: Yuval DaYu . Email:

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Argentine Tango in Columbus, Ohio (ATCO) is the Argentine Tango student group at OSU dedicated to instruction and practice of genuine Argentine Tango at OSU.

AsianTANGO (ATango) aim is to promote Tango appreciation and practice among Asian students at OSU and all people of Asian descent in Columbus.

ATCO and ATango are to serve the Argentine Tango needs of Central Ohio. We welcome all dancers, beginner and advanced, from OSU and the entire community.
We study techniques of Argentine Tango (salon and milonguero styles; Tango, Vals, Milonga), practice movement, step, communication and rhythm, and organize Milongas (dancing parties).